We couldn't use our studio...   
...so we built one online


SH!TSHOW is our online degree show for these online times, made (online) by BA Illustration graduates.

50% of our degree was taught online and poor wifi, time differences and makeshift webcams contributed to a real life SH!TSHOW. Despite this, we have made the best work possible, culminating in this online site which displays our various geniusnesses.


If you'd like to get a better idea of who we all are, hear our DIY graduation playlist 

This exhibition was initiated, created, and funded by the students of Camberwell UAL BA Illustration 2021.

Art direction by Nora PayneGracie Dahl and Elina Popova.

Funding by Martha Crosbie and Megan Lewis.

This web­site places no cook­ies and col­lects no an­a­lyt­ics data. All images and texts are the property of their respective authors. © 2021


Close your eyes, and imagine you are in the Camberwell studio B201. Smell the concrete, hear the pigeons that keep sneaking in through the window, feel the clay dust that coats every table, and the impending doom of the student debt you have accumulated. Then open your eyes, whack on our playlist, and scroll through the incredible body of work achieved by the BA Illustration class of 2021: SH!TSHOW.


BA Illustration 2021

Camberwell College of Arts

Online Degree Show